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Eazita for Developers

Give your web and mobile apps the power to exchange messages of any variety, from chat to SMS. You get global reach, delivery intelligence and the highest reliability over both IP and carrier networks, all with minimal development effort.

HTTP API option for quality Mobile Messaging.

Eazita offers a bulk SMS gateway to developers and network administrators. And with our reliable SMS gateway API, you can build bulk SMS messaging into your applications quickly and painlessly.

Build Powerful Communication Apps with our SMS API

Two-factor Authentication

Add an essential layer of security to your app through login verification passcodes sent via Eazita's SMS API.

Bulk Messaging

Integrate via Eazita's SMS API to broadcast messages to all of your users for events, app invites, location sharing, etc.

Notification System

Send system alerts, appointment reminders or emergency notifications in bulk to all your customers via Short Codes using our SMS API.


Whether you need to quickly alert loyal customers about last-minute tickets, or you want to build buzz for recently announced shows, Club texting offers affordable, effective messaging solutions for concert promoters.

Your app makes an SMS request to Eazita

Eazita sends the SMS to the requested number

Your user receives your SMS message