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Eazita’s Corporate SMS Pakistan (Direct route)

Corporate SMS is an instantaneous broadcast messaging system that has been developed for business concerns that require making regular contact with customers and staff. It is the simplest way to access their direct or indirect associates without any restrictions on the number of intended recipients.

Usage Examples

  • Businesses announcing new offers to their customers
  • Banks announcing new products and special offers
  • Companies and Embassies informing their employees in emergencies
  • Retailers announcing discount offers or new arrivals to their regular clientele
  • Doctors reminding their patients about appointments or prescriptions
  • Schools, College and Universities broadcasting examination results
  • Banks sending out alerts when a customer uses his credit card


  • Group – Customer can create group, save numbers and send SMS messages.
  • Add Numbers Easily – Customer can manually add numbers, cut and paste them from other programs (e.g. Excel, Word etc) or import an Excel or CSV file and also Add by Sending an SMS to our long number.
  • Unicode support – Our system supports Unicode Words as well, ex. Urdu, Chinese, Hindi etc message.
  • Message length – Customer can send long messages.
  • Masking (Sender ID)– Customer can send messages from the name of their company. The sender name can be changed for every message they send if multiple masks are assigned.
    • Sender address could be in alphanumeric/numaric.
    • Character length is between 1 to 11
    • Special characters are not allowed
    • Space & “-” is allowed
  • APIs – Customer can use the open web-based APIs within their own in-house software or website to send and receive text messages and to check the delivery status of text messages you’ve already sent.
  • API Document – Service API complete documentation (Pakistan Corporate SMS API is same as our this API).
  • Usage Summary – Customer will have Complete summary showing status of every message sent using API or web panel.
  • Multiple recipients in web-panel or API – Multiple recipients can be added using , or ;
  • Inbound Number – Customer can receive SMS from their customers through our free shared long number or dedicated long number.
    • Customer have a free inbound shared number to receive incoming text messages from their customers, Customer can receive text messages from their customers by giving their customers the option to reply with pre-defined keywords, Customer can set maximum 5 unique keywords.
      Example: If your keyword is “Promo” on this number 0312-1103792 and when you or your customer sends an SMS with keyword “Promo message is here” to 0312-1103792 then the keyword: “Promo”, message: “message is here”, sender number: “923xxxxxxxxx”, receiving number: “923121103792” & sent time will be tracked on the basis of the keyword and update details to the particular customer’s web-panel and also push the information to customer’s database/website/software real-time if URL forwarding is set by you.
    • Customer can also apply for dedicated long number, It is same as shared number but without any Shared Keyword your customers will send directly SMS to your Inbound Number without typing any Keyword at the start of the text message.
  • Auto Reply SMS on API – When your customers send an SMS to your inbound number system will transfer this sms to your web & collect reply sms from your website then send this reply to sender is mobile number.
  • Message history – Messages executed by web-panel or via API & Our Server will also send message status to your server.
  • Delivery Reports – The option to receive message delivery reports (DLR) via PULL or PUSH method.

The details of the service are as follows:

SMS Packages

Package NamePackage Fee (PKR/EUR)No. of SMSMaskings allowedExpiry Period (days)
FreeRs.0 OR 0 EUR170EZSMS*Never
BasicRs.500 OR 4.17 EUR750EZSMS*30 Days
Small bucketRs.1,000 OR 8.34 EUR1,600130 Days
StandardRs.3,000 OR 25 EUR5,50023 Months
Standard PlusRs.5,000 OR 41.67 EUR11,50023 Months
PremiumRs.15,000 OR 125 EUR37,50053 Months
Premium PlusRs.30,000 OR 250 EUR81,000206 Months
LargeRs.50,000 OR 416.64 EUR138,000251 Year
Extra LargeRs.150,000 OR 1250 EUR500,000301 Year

Pay as you go (Never expire)

SMS ChargesMask ChargesExpire
PKR 0.75 OR 0.0063 EUR per SMSPKR 100/MaskNever



*In Free & Basic package only fixed masking (EZSMS) can be used.

In all packages(excluding Basic Package) One Time Setup fee PKR 1,000 (8.34 EUR) will also apply, For every masking registration in all packages 100 PKR (0.84 EUR) will be charge. Direct route is only for registered Corporate, Firms, Enterprises, Institutions, Multinational, NGOs and Govt. department etc. having GST/NTN registration certificates.


Integrate in no time

Quick integration can be done over APIs. Connect to our platform and start using Number Context in no time. Our 24/7/365 expert technical support is always on call to help you with any issue or question you might have.